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Luxio After Show Collection (full 15ml size) - Gel Essentialz
Luxio Avant Garde Collection (full 15ml size) - Gel Essentialz
Luxio Top 70 Colour Starter Collection-Gel Essentialz
Luxio City Slick Collection (full 15ml size - all 6 colors) - Gel Essentialz
Full Size - Luxio Jelli Studio N°4 Collection (15ml size - all 3 colors) - Gel Essentialz
Luxio Gloss Effects Collection-Gel Essentialz
$95.00 USD $101.70 USD
Luxio 5pc French Collection-Gel Essentialz
$79.95 USD $84.75 USD
Gel Play - Miami Shifter Collection FULL SIZE *NEW* - Gel Essentialz
Gel Play - Dazzle Collection Full Size - Gel Essentialz
Luxio 9pc French Collection - Gel Essentialz
$145.40 USD $161.55 USD
HD Colour It! French Collection (all 8 colors 15ml) - Gel Essentialz
Gift Card-Gel Essentialz
from $10.00 USD