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Luxio Top 70 Colour Starter Collection


*Save 10% when ordering the Top 70 Colour Collection! ($118.65 savings!)

2018 Luxio Complete Colour Collection including :

  • 70 - Luxio Top Selling Colours/Glitters/Effects (Base , Build, Gloss sold separately)

It's creamy texture and beautiful pigment have made Luxio gel polish the top choice for Nail Professionals worldwide. Benefits of Luxio Gel Polish:

  • Creamy consistency applies "like butter" without running
  • Can be "floated" on for even coverage, does not wrinkle when curing
  • More economical - Full .5oz bottles that do not thicken in the jar 
  • Excellent coverage & highest quality pigments for colors that stay true
  • No solvents or thinners
  • 100% gel offers more strength and durability than most half-polish hybrid gel polish
  • Easy soak off removal

*Promotion sale price not valid in conjunction with any other offers, coupons, promotions and/or discounts. If using a discount code for your order, be sure to order the collection separately, any discounts applied will be billed to the customer prior to shipping.

Colors Included:


Luxio Abyss

Luxio Dreamy

Luxio Polar

Luxio Afterglow

Luxio Electric

Luxio Potion

Luxio Almondine

Luxio Elle

Luxio Precious

Luxio Bespoke

Luxio Engagement

Luxio Pure

Luxio Blush

Luxio Eternity

Luxio Retro

Luxio Bombshell

Luxio Fairy

Luxio Romance

Luxio Breathless

Luxio Flawless

Luxio Ruby

Luxio Cashmere

Luxio Flirt

Luxio Sassy

Luxio Celebrate

Luxio Forever

Luxio Scoundrel

Luxio Charmed

Luxio Fortune

Luxio Serenity

Luxio Cheeky

Luxio Galaxy

Luxio Shadow

Luxio Cherish

Luxio Glitter Garnet

Luxio Silver Effects

Luxio Classy

Luxio Glitter Mirage

Luxio Sophisto

Luxio Cocoa

Luxio Glitter Rose-Gold

Luxio Spectra

Luxio Conceal

Luxio Gypsy

Luxio Sterling

Luxio Cosmo

Luxio Ivory

Luxio Sunburst

Luxio Coy

Luxio Lookout

Luxio Vamp

Luxio Cremelle

Luxio Lovely

Luxio Vert

Luxio Crush

Luxio Mischievous

Luxio Vintage

Luxio Daring

Luxio Muse

Luxio Vixen

Luxio Dazzle

Luxio Mystery

Luxio Wink

Luxio Delicate

Luxio Nightfall

Luxio Wisp

Luxio Delightful

Luxio Noir


Luxio Diva

Luxio Peaceful





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