UD PREMIUM SCULPTING GEL - 60ml Squeeze Bottle (stand sold separately)

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Same great product, now available in a convenient squeeze bottle!

  • Eliminates contamination
  • Minimizes mess while working
  • Storing bottle nozzle-down assures you get every drop of product!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Stand sold separately

Ugly Duckling self-leveling hard gels are designed for effortless sculpting. Extra strong adhesion, and superior durability. What more could you ask for?

  • 60 second cure time : Clear*
  • 90 second cure time: Fufu, Pink, White, Fair-y Fufu, Natural Milky White and Extreme White*
Please note: All cure times are based on products being cured in our Ugly Duckling LED Lamp. 


CLEAR Gel is crystal clear no bubbles. Use to lay down before your colors to avoid staining the natural nail, cap your art, or create a full sculpt.

FUFU Gel is a camouflage gel. Create beautifully enhanced free-edge, hide any blemishes, or simply enjoy the color for French, fade or full sculpt. We recommend encapsulating between clear gel.

PINK Gel is a soft semi-transparent gel. Beautiful for French, fades, or full sculpts.

NATURAL Gel for one color overlay, Baby Boomers, or...

WHITE Gel will make a bold statement for a crisp clean French or dramatic Baby Boomer.


  1. Have your client thoroughly wash & dry their hands. This will help remove any oils, lotions, etc. Lightly push back the proximal fold with our Ugly Duckling Cuticle Tool or C-Curve Tool.
  2. Etch the nail plate with our Ugly Duckling Medium grit Zebra File. If you prefer using an e-file, our Medium grit Arbor Sanding Bands work great!
  3. Remove all dust. Do not use a cleanser.
  4. Apply Ugly Duckling Prep to all 10 nails.
  5. Apply Ugly Duckling Primer to all 10 nails.
  6. Apply Ugly Duckling Premium Fit Tips or use your choice of Ugly Duckling forms.
  7. Brush on a thin layer of Build-A-Base Clear, Natural Base or Clear Sculpting Gel and cure for 60 seconds in your Ugly Duckling LED Gel Lamp. This will act as an additional bonding layer for your gel enhancements.
  8. Sculpt your nail(s). You may choose to do all 4 nails and cure, or you may apply 1 nail at a time and alternate hands, flash-curing (5-10 second cure) in between. If you are flash-curing, you will need to do a final cure after each layer is applied. Your final cure is 60-90 seconds in the Ugly Duckling LED Gel Lamp depending on the gel color and thickness. If the gel is undercured, you may experience lifting or breakage and you may also run the risk of exposure to uncured product which can eventually lead to contact dermatitis.
  9. Remove the inhibition layer with Gel Cleanse. File and finish with your choice of Ugly Duckling Tacky Top, Matte or No Wipe Top Coat. Top Coat can be apploed right over the finish filed, dust-free enhancement. If you choose to finish with our Ugly Duckling Gel Polish or Color Gel, you will need to finish file with our Ugly Duckling Medium grit Zebra file or a Medium grit Arbor Sanding Band if you use an e-file.


Q: I notice my nails lift sometimes when using Fufu. Is there something I can do to help this?
A: Its always suggested to apply a thin layer of clear sculpting gel or Build-A-Base in Clear to the nail and fully curing (60 seconds in the UD LED Gel Lamp) prior to using Fufu, White or Pink or any other pigmented gel. This helps with added adhesion as the Sculpting Gel will bond to the exisiting thin layer of clear Natural Base or Build-A-Base.

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