NEW Dry Mani Kit


New cuticle bits!  New shapes to perfect your technique! Comes with slim bit case.

Unicorn – a hybrid of the cuticle Sciver & Micro Taper

  • Larger tool, lasts longer, allows for a quicker prep time
  • Tapered shape like the Micro Taper
  • Rounded point like the Sciver allows for safe cuticle work (good for beginners)

Droplet – for those who love the sphere bit, this is a game changer

  • Everything you love about the Sphere bit built-in with a taper to avoid trenching into the nail plate
  • Best tool for exfoliating cracks on the tips of the nail, finger, side walls
  • Not to be used on nail plate

Polisher – smooths skin, reduces hangnails

  • Treat clients to a mini microdermabrasion
  • Done at the very end of the service w/ a little cuticle oil and a light touch


  • Standard shank size 3/32”
  • Made by Erica’s ATA, USA