Midnight Blue Chrome Powder

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Chrome Powder Midnight Blue, a deep festive blue. Swatched over  PF Moonshine Super Polish.

size: 3gr.

Chrome steps to create the shiniest look:

  1. Apply desired gel polish color & cure
  2. Apply Outshine Gel Top & cure 30-45sec.
  3. Burnish chrome powder
  4. Dust well!
  5. Apply Outshine gel top & cure for 60sec.

5g loose powder

  1. Apply desired color & cure
  2. Apply Shine-on and partial cure (only 20 seconds!)
  3. Immediately rub the chrome into the cured Shine-on while its still warm!
  4. Wipe off any excess with a soft brush (we love a Unicorn Brushfor this!)
  5. *Optional step* apply a layer of Affixit over the chrome, capping the edges. This will help to prevent peeling. Allow to dry 60 seconds
  6. Seal it in with a layer of Shine-on and cure
  7. *Optional step* repeat for more depth.

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