HD Flex It! Hema Free - Cover Warm Peach

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Akzentz Hybrid Pro UV/LED lamp: 60secs
LE LED Dot Lamp: 60secs

Flex It! Hema Free Clear is a universal base gel for use with all our HD gel systems including eeeze gel, colour It! , colour It! Hybrid and The One 
Our Hema free version is great for those who suffer allergies.

Our Flex It! range of gels are a UV/LED soak off base & builder gel in a bottle. This brush on style flexible/rubber base gel is perfect to be used as just a base gel or for creating shape & structure on natural nails before applying any of our Colour It!, colour IT! Hybrid or The One gel polish colours.
It helps to smooth out unevenness on ridged nails, helps strengthen soft, thin, weak & brittle nails creating a flawless foundation for an easy gel polish application.

Features & benefits
- Flexible but tough nails
-6 Beautiful colours
- Easy to use
-Hema Free
- Long lasting  
- Easy brush application
- Soaks in around 10 minutes
-Vegan Friendly
-Cruelty Free


Step 1: Prep the natural nail as usual, dehydrate using Prep It! or pure acetone.
Step 2: Apply an extremely thin layer of Flex It! "scrub" into the natural nail ensuring a great bond and cure for 60 seconds in the Hybrid Pro Lamp.
Step 3: Apply a second layer of your chosen Flex It! to even out surface irregularities if needed.
Cure for 60 seconds.
(Dry brush if needed)
*If you need to refine the surface of Flex it before colour application, remove the tacky residue then file/buff into shape. Remove all dust/debris before continuing with colour.
Step 4: Apply Colour It!, Colour It! Hybrid or The One of your choice and continue the application as usual. 


Step 1: Prep the natural nail as usual, dehydrate using Prep It! or pure acetone.
Step 2: Apply a thin layer of your chosen Flex It! "scrub" into the entire nail surface ensuring a great bond. Cure in the Hybrid Pro for 60secs.
Step 3: Apply another thin layer of Flex It! Do not cure
Step 4: Apply a bead of Flex It! to the middle of the nail. Even out by using an application brush and allow the product to self level.
Cure for 60 seconds in the Hybrid Pro Lamp.
*Apply additional layers as needed
Step 5: Cleanse the nail with Cleanse It! Refine & shape if needed.
Step 6: Apply Shine It! for a natural finish or apply Colour It!, Colour It! Hybrid or The One of your choice and continue the application as usual. 

Flex It! FIBRE in a Bottle has small pieces of fibre to add extra strength even for problematic nails. Flex It! fibre is the perfect product to create thin, structured but  strong nails. We recommend using is Flex it! clear as your "scrub" in layer before applying the fibre gels to give you a smooth surface to work on.

FLEX IT! Available in: 6 different colours - 15 ml
FLEX IT! Fibre Available in: 5 colours - 15ml
FLEX IT! Hema Free Available in: 6 colours 12ml

Due to its self levelling formulation it offers ease of application plus extra strength & durability for gel manicures. It can be infilled aswell, so no need to soak off every time!!
Its is also the perfect partner to use alongside our Eeeze Gel full cover Tips, allowing for that quick & easy extension in an instant.
Our gels have been independently tested and approved for use in the following UV/LED lamps; to ensure a thorough and proper cure is achieved for perfect results every-time.
We recommend our gel products are cured in the Akzentz Hybrid Pro Lamp or the LE Led Dot Lamp for 60secs.

Available in:
Clear (universal)

Natural Milky White
Cover Cool Pink
Cover Warm Pink
Cover Warm Peach
Milky Pink

*Use Flex It! clear or Colour It! base for your base layer before using the fibre gel.
All our gel products are formulated in accordance with EU regulations & tested to ensure we're delivering you only the best quality & the latest innovations.
Every effort is made to ensure that all our product images are as accurate as possible. However due to colour & resolution settings on electronic devices, the colours shown may differ slightly from the actual product.

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