Face Shield (New & Improved!)


NEW improved design with adjustable snap headband. Made in the U.S.A šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡øĀ  !

Ā Take your personal protection equipment to the next level with the Full Protection Face Shield and put a physical barrier between you and your clients!

*face mask notĀ included.Ā 


  • Anti-Fog Shield: TheĀ Full Protection Face Shield comes with an anti-fog coating on both the inside and outside of the shield providing clear, direct and peripheral vision.
  • Maximum Protection: The Full-Face Design provides complete coverage including the sides of the face protecting eyes, mouth, and nose. This keeps a physical barrier between you and potential infectious airborne particles, protecting your clients as well.
  • Adjustable Head Strap: The Elastic Headband has snaps to allow for a custom fit no matter the size of theĀ head and face. Two different strap positions on mask.
  • Comfortable and Functional:Ā  The Full Face ShieldĀ comes with an extremelyĀ comfortable skin-friendly Forehead Sponge.Ā