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Size: 5 X 3 MM -20 PIECES

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5 x 3 mm (Small) is the same size as the Diamond pictured below the Light Siam Kite & the Light Rose Diamond on the right:


Swarovski Geometric Flat Backs are extraordinarily versatile, adding unrivaled sparkle to classic and contemporary designs alike, thanks to their brilliance and the precision of their cut. Three new shapes, including this Kite Flat Back, have been added to the range, all of which perfectly complement each other when used together. Used singly, they are simple enough to work in any design language. The smaller versions are particularly well suited to fashion accessories and can be set or glued into place, and the very smallest ones are perfect for nail and body art. 

For nail art, we recommend using gel to adhere the crystals. Gel does not harm the foil backing or the crystal surface as most nail glues do. Cyanoacrylate is a corrosive chemical found in most glues approved for use on nails, it will damage the foil backing of the crystal as well as create a cloudy appearance if it touches the crystal surface.