Crystal Lavender DeLite - SWAROVSKI CHATON

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Discover Swarovski’s Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO – an exclusive, colorful array of tones which manages to blend rich hues and calming shades to mirror the enduring elegance symbolized by Swarovski crystal classics.

One particularly noteworthy feature of the DeLite family is that its facets are highlighted to enhance the exceptional depth and clarity of the crystal. Not only do they appear sharper and more perfect, DeLite lacquers show an increased light return in comparison with Shiny LacquerPROeffects. It makes for even more creative possibilities when playing with matt-shiny mixes. Indeed, DeLite harmonizes brilliantly with color-matched Shimmer or Shiny LacquerPRO effects.

Swarovski Round Stones are loose crystal elements. Pointed on the reverse side. The assortment features a variety of different cuts, the most innovative one is the XIRIUS Chaton. The merging of a gemstone-like cut with rich, varied color and Platinum Pro foiling for exceptional durability, XIRIUS takes crystal one step closer to the diamond.

  • Apply as an element of a stacked crystal design or cluster (stack crystals using a clear builder gel)

What seperates Majestic Blue from other blue colors?

More intense, and with greater sparkle and depth than the existing Sapphire (206), Capri Blue (243) and Cobalt (369), the astonishingly brilliant Majestic Blue is the purest blue in the Swarovski spectrum. It has a scintillating presence that is reminiscent of a precious gemstone—indeed, as a true blue it has an ancient association with royalty. Blue is also recognized as the color of the divine and the infinite.


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