Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite 5G

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Color: Rock Shock Petite

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Now available in 14 brilliant colors! Swarovski® Crystalpixie 5g 



Swarovski® Crystalpixie puts magic at your fingertips. 


Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Cute Mood Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Classy Sassy Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Rock Shock Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Deluxe Rush Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Candy Land Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Comic Pop Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Exotic East Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Starry Night Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Love's Passion Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Fruity Orange Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Ocean Dreams Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Sunshine Kiss Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Jungle Green Swarovski® Crystalpixie Petite Radiant Red



Candy Land: 

Candy Land’s dreamy Crystal Antique Pink brings to mind cupcakes and fairy princesses. The romantic look is set off with Crystal XILION Roses in Powder Blue and Light Rose, and Cabochons in Light Gray Pearl. Glosses have subtle shimmer; rubber-finished lacquers emit an iridescent quality; and metallics give a muted pearly glow. 


Starry Night: 

Witchcraft folklore and dark romance are the inspiration for Starry Night’s Crystal Comet Argent Light, with Crystal XILION Roses in Denim Blue, Jet and Burgundy HE A D L I N E / S U B - H E A D L I N E 3 / 3 C bathing fingertips in inky black and blood red. Sumptuous shades in lacquered finishes ranging from solid to duo-chromatic, together with the gothic sophistication of opaque glossy polishes, perfectly echo makeup’s newest trend. 


Comic Pop: 

Comic Pop’s vibrant colors give a comically subversive edge to the new collection: Crystal Moonlight is partnered with Crystal XILION Roses in Light Siam, Citrine and Crystal Meridian Blue —a superb match that suggests patterns recalling pop art, abstract prints and cartoon imagery, along with a gentle nod to ’80s excess. 


Exotic East: 

Opulent Orient meets glittering West in Exotic East with an added touch of high-octane ’80s disco glam, reflected in the new Crystalpixie Heliotrop. Deep purple, fiery red and shiny black accented with gold are captured in Crystal XILION Rose Crystal Golden Shadow, complemented with Purple Velvet and Light Siam. The new mood for nails is exotic, elegant and eccentric. 


Additional Information: 

It’s time to get creative with Crystalpixie’s new colors and dream up a medley of eye-catching, personalized nail looks for day or for night. Don’t forget that Crystalpixie’s appearance depends on the color of base coat you apply first—change the shade of your nail polish and you’ll have even more design options at your fingertips!