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We have created many beautiful Nail Designs using Authentic Swarovski Crystals which have been packaged and priced per design, so you can purchase them at wholesale price and RETAIL THEM to your client. This eliminates investing $100's in products without knowing how much to charge for services. You choose how you'd like to price your product;

Multiply the price of the kit x 3 (at the least) for your retail price including application.
You may choose to mark the Swarovski Design Kit up the standard 100% and add an application fee of $2-$5 per nail depending upon the intricacy of the design.

Or you can set the price for the kit to include the application fee, For example; price a $4 kit for 2 nail designs applied would be $12-18 in addition to their scheduled service.

By retailing the Design to your client, they can keep the package and any leftover stones (depending upon the size of their nail, there may be some extra) for emergency repairs.

Since the client is purchasing the kit, they may choose to soak off the crystals and save them in their original package for another design in the future ( which you would then charge your standard application fee to re-apply) These crystals are far too precious to waste on one design!

You may also upload our design images to your own website for your clients to pre-order for special occasions. No investment wasted!

No more selling yourself short, undercharging or price confusion.

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Beth Schulte
Awesome Sworovski Crystals

I live in Canada so they took a while to get here but that was just post office problem