Coffee Warmers: Our Trick for LuminaryGel Maintenance

As we all begin to head back to work after a rough year with COVID, you may have noticed your gels have separated after sitting for a while. This is completely normal and they just need a bit of love.

For the 10ml bottle: While seated and legs are crossed, put the bottle between your crossed legs so it can warm up to your body temperature. Leave it there for about 10-15 minutes, then roll the bottle in your palms for 1-2 min.


Try an inexpensive coffee warmer plate, and let the glass bottle sit for about 10-15 minutes before you roll it. Just be careful when you grab it off the warmer as the bottle will be hot.

For the 30ml bottle: Use the same crossed leg method to warm up the product. Then, open the bottle and stir with an orange wood stick or metal mixer.


Grab a mug with a couple inches warm-hot water and submerse the 30ml bottle. Do not put the cap below the water, as that will ruin the gel if water. Do not set the plastic 30ml bottle directly on a mug warmer.

One last tip as we head into the chilly weather. When you receive your gels in the mail, they will be cold! Please don’t open them right away, let them sit at room temperature overnight to find their way back to their original consistency.