Come On Over to Light Elegance Hands-On Class, November 13 Cranston RI $195

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LE 308 :: Come On Over to Light Elegance

Class has been postponed due to family emergency, we will update the website  when it is rescheduled 


$195.00 includes product kit and lunch**
50% deposit required to secure your spot in class, full payment due by start of class.
*Tickets & Deposits are non-refundable; with the exception of class cancellation

Class Location:
Gel Essentialz Salon
2207 Cranston St
Cranston RI, 02919

Join us in Cranston RI as we host an epic full day training and shopping/networking event!

Are you curious how to get started with Light Elegance? Spend the day Learning with 

LEU Dean of Students and Head Educator, Darcy Olin

Come on Over to the award-winning line of Light Elegance hard gels with this full day, hands-on class. You’ll learn about our extensive line of HEMA-free gels, the chemistry behind them and why what’s inside matters at Light Elegance.  

Light Elegance offers a wide variety of gels for adding shape and structure to the nail, and the Come on Over Kit gives nail pros an easy way to try three different structure gels. See JimmyGel and Lexy Line building gels in action, as well as ButterCream, Color Gels, LE Glitter Gels and find out just how easy it is to start using Light Elegance. A Q&A session and one-on-one help will be provided by the LEU Educator. 

The Come On Over Kit is included in this class and will be yours to take home!  


  • 20 Light Elegance Nail Forms
  • 20 LEpro Wipes
  • JimmyGel Soak-off Building Base, 15 ml
  • Super Shiny Sample, 6 ml
  • Tack Sample, 6 ml
  • Flamingle, ButterCream Color Gel, 2 ml
  • Tiny Diamond, Glitter Gel, 6 ml
  • Rosey Posey, Color Gel, 6 ml
  • Ideal Pink Builder Lexy Line Gel, 8 ml
  • Extreme Lexy Line Gel, 8 ml
  • LEpro Cuticle Oil, 4 ml
  • LEpro Cleanser, 2 oz
  • Bling Brush, #6 Gel Polish

What to bring to class:  Come with one hand free of products, so you can work on yourself, or bring a practice hand.  You will need a curing lamp, table light, extension cord or power strip.   We will have some shared implements to try, but you are welcome to bring your e-File, favorite tools, brushes and implements to work with.  You will be sure to have many Ah-Ha! Moments so be ready to learn a lot and be excited to take this new knowledge and excitement back to work with you!  

The Light Elegance Come on Over Kit is designed to give nail professionals an easy way to access and learn Light Elegance Hard Gels. The kit is designed to simplify the robust line of LE Hard Gels for new customers by providing product suggestions and videos for three common salon services: natural nail manicures, glitter gel overlays and adding extensions.

Light Elegance offers a wide variety of gels for adding shape and structure to the nail, and the Come on Over Kit gives nail pros an easy way to try three different gels. The first is the all-new JimmyGel Building Base in a Bottle, a versatile, soakable gel that is perfect for fast, easy manicures. Next, we added Extreme Lexy Line Gel, a medium viscosity gel great for adding length and structure to the nail. Finally, we included Builder Lexy Line Gel, a gel that stays where you put it making building long extensions easy.

For decorating the nails for each of the three services, we included our three core color systems: LE Color Gel, LE Glitter Gel and LE ButterCream. This allows nail pros to experience the entire range of LE color options and select the products that match their application preferences and clients’ needs.

In addition to providing the gels needed for each service, the Come on Over Kit includes professional-grade LEpro core products that ensure success including LEpro Cleanser and LEpro Cuticle Oil as well as LEpro Cleansing Wipes and LE Nail Forms. No kit would be complete without a brush, so we added our award winning #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush which makes applying Color Gels, Glitter Gels and ButterCreams easy and enjoyable every time you use it. 

Every service demands proper adhesion and mirror-like shine, so we included Tack Bonding Agent and the popular Super Shiny UV/LED Gel Top Coat.

With all of the tools included, the Come on Over Kit sets nail professionals up for success with Light Elegance gels, no matter what the service requires.


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