At-Home Soak Off Kit


Kit contains:

1 - 4oz Akzentz Soak Off Solution.

2 - 100/180grit Akzentz Zebra Files

1 - Spongie Buffer

1 - Orangewood stick 

20 cotton wipes


1. Begin by carefully filing/thinning out any product on the nailing Zebra file. The thinner the product is, the faster it will soak off. Be careful not to file directly on the natural nail, only file/thin out the gel overlay

2. Using any aluminum foil cut 10 Foil squares approximately 8" x 8"

3. Place a piece of cotton or wipe for soaking off gel

4. aturate with Soak Off solution and wrap tightly for 10-15 minutes

5. To speed up removal, wrap finger tips with plastic after applying the foil wraps, this will secure the wraps help prevent evaporation and it will also help retain body heat. Place a heating pad and towel over hands to help speed up the process even more. 

6. Carefully scrape off the softened gel. If necessary, file to thin out the softened product and desaturate cotton and repeat steps 1-5. Repeat the process until removed

7. Carefully buff to smooth the surface of the nail and then apply cuticle oil/lotion