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*DISCONTINUED* The MT20 has been replaced by the MT30 clicl here

ERICA’S MT-20 US 110volt

PRODUCT #: 20000

The flagship item from Erica's

The Erica’s MT-20 is a high end reliable desktop electric file. Now 5% lighter (as of 2016) it still features the slim design without being back heavy. The quick twist lock chucking makes changing bits easy and ensures that bits are safely locked into place while filling. Featuring a smart micro motor design the MT-20 is the only e-file in the nail industry to maintain the set RPM when filing and applying pressure.

*I've had mine for 15 years! Still going string and excellent service! Here are some tips to help your machine last:

  • Always be careful that there is no dust near or around the bit/opening when changing bits if it is dusty - the dust will fall into the opening and get packed in... over time it will build up and may possibly burn out your motor.
  • Always be sure your bits are clean disinfected and COMPLETELY dry before inserting into hand piece
  • Always change your bit If there is any vibration your bit may be bent and will need to be replaced 
  • Turn your control box to "On" when you start your day & leave it in Neutral (switch will be straight out - set at the dot between Froward and Reverse) ...  
  • When you need to use your machine just switch the gear switch up for "Forward" or down for "Reverse". tthen switch back to Neutral when finished. 
  • Do not turn your machine "Off" until the end of the day.
  • Powering the control box on takes a few seconds longer and uses more electricity than just switching gears from Neutral. This will save time and power... 

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