UV Paint On White Ultra


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*UV Cure only - Will NOT cure in an LED lamp - Formulated only for UV lamps only (the nanometer range needed to cure this gel is lower than LED lamp output)

  • Akzentz Hybrid Pro lamp  - 60 seconds 
  • Traditional UV Lamp - 2 minutes

PPaint On White Ultra - Paints on like nail enamel, to eliminate the backfill process. After you have completed sculpting or rebalancing your nail, file and shape the nail, then "paint on" this BRIGHT white. Cure and finish with Top Gloss, Natural or Trilite for your high shine. No finish filing needed! Cure 2 minutes.




 Tip: Be sure to apply this gel VERY thin, you will probably need two coats to get the white perfectly even if you are correctly applying the product. If you are getting chipped nails, apply your product thinner and be sure to cap the nail with the top layer of gel you are using