UV Ultra French White


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UUltra French White - Perfect for the "Forever French" look. It’s ultra bright and very smooth to apply. Similar in viscosity to our natural gels. Self levels to create that perfectly smooth look. Perfect for doing bright white tips on rebalances/backfills. Cure 2 minutes.


 Tip: This gel is full of titanium dioxide - the mineral that makes the gel white. Because it is a mineral, it's VERY hard. Be sure if you are sculpting, to use builder white or french white as your first thin coat to give the tip flexibility and help to eliminate chipping. When doing rebalances/backfills, apply in one thin layer and enjoy the great coverage!


*UV Cure only - Will NOT cure in an LED lamp - Formulated only for UV lamps only (the nanometer range needed to cure this gel is lower than LED lamp output)


  • Akzentz Hybrid Pro lamp  - 60 seconds 
  • Traditional UV Lamp - 2 minutes