UV Options Base N Gloss 15g


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*UV Cure only - Will NOT cure in an LED lamp (for LED cure gel, order UV/LED Options)

UV Options Base'n'Gloss - Akzentz colored gel polish is made with the Options Gel formula and will not lift, chip or peel! This revolutionary gel polish means you get a great gel polish that will soak off in 5 minutes. Works great on natural nail manicures and pedicures. Just brush on Base 'N Gloss, then 1-2 coats of the color of your choice, then another coat of Base 'N Gloss to add shine! Cure between all coats. Tips: Use Sure Bond as your bonding agent when applying Gel Polish to Natural Nails. This allows the Gel to soak off in 5 minutes. Apply gel thin, you may use 2 coats for greater coverage if desired. Cure Base 'N Gloss in UV lamp  for 2 minutes after your final coat of color, then wipe clean with Gel Cleanser.