Akzentz LED 4 Finger Finger Lamp


Choose a 4-finger lamp for perfect curing every time! 

While most people prefer the convenience of curing all 5 fingers at once some peoples fingers are not conducive to the position of the bulbs. Quite often the outer side of the clients thumb nail is in a shadow preventing a proper cure which may lead to service breakdown lifting and even overexposure to uncured gel. 

The Akzentz 4 finger lamp guarantees an excellent cure with a lower profile so the LED disk bulbs are positioned  closer to the nails offering a better cure. Once the first 4 nails are finished curing simply have your client cure the thumb seperately ensuring a proper cure every time.

This compact LED lamp is also perfect for pedicures! Simply remove the bottom plate and the stand and with 4 rubber stoppers under it the lamp sits perfectly on your pedi spa foot rest. The LED bulbs are also positioned perfectly for curing toes. Simply have your client place their toes on the pedi spa foot rest and you may place the lamp over their toes for easy fast curing without any smudges trying to enter the lamp! 

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