Gel Play Pearlescent Powder Set


Introducing the brand new Gel play pearlescent powders ! Adds a lustrous sheen to any gel enhancement. Rub over cured Akzentz Shine on for an amazing metallic looking finish. 

 Includes All 6 colors in 2g mini pots:

Amethyst 2gr mini

Emerald  2gr mini

Sapphire  2gr mini

Copper  2gr mini

Silver  2gr mini

Gold  2gr mini


Recommended application instructions:


1. Apply 2 coats of Luxio nightfall curing between coats.

2.Apply shine on and cure for 10secs in the Hybrid Pro lamp. (or skip Step one and apply Akzentz NEW  Black-On or White On & save time and product!)

3. Rub in the pearlescent powder. Cure for remaining 20secs.

4. Apply shine on and cure for 30secs.

5. For a more durable finish repeat step 4.

6. Use prep & wipe to remove any remaining powder.