Russian Cylinder - Medium (2 pack) #29

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One of the most popular bits in our Russian diamond bit line! Removes dead cuticle and removes shine from the nail plate. Comes in a pack of 2.


  • Standard shank size 3/32”
  • Made by Erica’s ATA, USA.


    Erica's cuticle bits are now sold in trio packs- 3 (or 2 packs) of the same bit in each case!

    Why are we taking this step forward?

    As an industry leader in electric nail filing, it is our duty to equip professional nail technicians with not only innovative products, but thorough education as well.

    Every client's health is of utmost importance. We encourage nail technicians to always disinfect their tools before each service; especially i n regards to cuticle bits that have a higher chance of accidentally nipping a client and drawing blood.

    We have introduced The Rule of 3 to explain why having at least 3 of the same bit is beneficial:

    • ●  One bit being used

    • ●  One bit disinfecting

    • ●  One bit ready for the next client / ready as backup

      This saves a substantial amount of time in between services and softens the blow if one bit were lost or broken.

      Cuticle bits are also smaller and have a smaller surface area. This means they will wear down faster. Dull bits do not cut and will cause uncomfortable heat to clients. Nail techs should expect to replace cuticle bits more frequently. When a bit becomes dull, throw it away.

      The lifespan of each bit will vary depending on the tech, services, and client volume. We say bits last 3-6 months. Within 3 months a bit will have done 360 services (based off of 6 clients a day, 5 days a week), and 720 services within 6 months. That's a lot of work for a small tool!

      Sure, shopping for bits may not be as fun as shopping for colors and glitter but there is power in equipping yourself for superb electric nail filing!